"Side right" finished and problem block!

Along with the bicycle block this block is one of my most favorite  and its images were the first chosen.  The symbolism of the men lined up with their backs turned and the woman looking forward had touched me immediately..

The very last thing I added last night was the row of bugle beads on the ribbon below the men.. It accentuated their rigidity and made me smile.

Just Sunday there was an historic bit in the paper on this issue.  Men were quoted as saying if woman were allowed to vote men didn't have to be chivalrous.

This block has one of the "trim" flower that I thought most likely to be successful.  Surprise! I was able to use the amber beads which I bought in Seaside Oregon earlier this month..  They are the perfect color besides being my favorite gem stone.

And I loved every button is this feature... I'm going to have to do some research into how they made  glass buttons.

Every time I pulled "upper right" to work on it I sent it to the bottom of the pile... It just wasn't working.

First there just weren't enough opportunities for fancy seams as on the other blocks.  I also need to remove that delicate tiny rose lace on the left  and the stitching below it.

Second the black lace on the lower block encroached too far into the lighter section and was out of sync with the rest of the blocks..

I put this picture in photo editing and on the right replace the black lace (digitally) with lighter lace and do indeed like it. With that change the images work as a unit.  So I'll will be starting all these changes today.  Out of the nine blocks, it is the only block that I've had to revise.


Marilyn said...

I love the block - gee, I say that about most of you blocks (grin). Of course, I think anything looks better with black and it just seems to make the lovely coppers and gold really glow. My favourite seam is the one parallel to and below the bugle beads. I find the colour combinations and the gold seed beads very eye-catching. And the problem block does look much more cohesive with the lighter lace rather than the black. Sometimes projects just have to sit for a while so you can figure out what isn't working. When I come back to a project and see what needs changing I almost slap my forehead and say Why didn't I do that in the first place! It would be interesting to find out how they made the vintage glass buttons - lots of them had a hole right through rather than the shanks that you see on most modern glass buttons. Its so good to have you back posting :)

Momma Bear said...

I love this project Gerry!
I agree the black was too much but now with the new lace it looks to white, how would a brown or dark tan look?

margaret said...

I love the colours here, the tan type ones really show off the black and creams

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