Lower right!

As I've on the finishing end I have been jumping from block to block trying to keep things balanced but the last step is always the buttons...and they're on here.  I'm sure there will be some last minute tweeting at assembly time but for now this block is done.

The fancy stitches are done on all blocks and I've just been beading ....and quite heavily but only tone on tone... It doesn't detract from the images but adds depth and complexity to the block..

I love to include tiny beads, button and jewels to fill out a trail of buttons... something learned from Sharon B..  It's so exciting to be using all the buttons I've been collecting for this project for the last three years.  You can see in this closeup that the beads on the brown gimp match it exactly.

Almost 2 years ago I went to LA to visit Susie and bought lots of trims, etc. for this project in the garment district.  One was this "rhinestones-by-the-yard" trim.

When I use a piece of trim from that trip I can remember the store...the smell, the diversity of items, the excitement of each find.... it is sewing on wonderful memories as there is certainly nothing like it here in Spokane.


Lorraine said...

Looking great Gerry!

Lady Locust said...

At some point you might get sick of me telling you how absolutely exquisite your work is. This is just beautiful. It is in 'my colors' too:) What talent.

crafty cat corner said...

This block is fabulous, I like the dark colours.
Do you ever find yourself not wanting to use certain embellishments as once you put them on the block you sort of don't have them any more? I know, it sounds silly but I really treasure some of my more unusual bits. lol

Marilyn said...

The block looks great. Your sense of colour is exquisite. In one of your posts a year or two ago you mentioned working in tone on tone and I pretty much do that most of the time now. Another reason to say thanks :)

margaret said...

a beautiful piece showing off your creativity

Suztats said...

I love your tone-on-tone work! Sumptuous!

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