Benchmark block finished....

This week while convalescing, I worked on this block until I felt it was enough.  It will be the benchmark for the rest of the blocks.  I pretty much followed the decisions I wrote about recently... It is pretty heavily embellished but I have some strong perimeters.  First of course there are lots of fancy seams but I'm strictly sticking to the colors in the block.

Next there will be lots of flowers (velvet and organza) and beaded leaves....all in black.  All inspired by lovely Victorian hats.

I made beaded fans such as these for a challenge project and will use them here.  They are done on felt and then appliqued on.

And of course vintage buttons... both glass and metal. I have a lot and most were gifts.  I want to use them all.

And of course I have many pieces of vintage or vintage-inspired jewelry to include.

I had my eye surgery last Wednesday and it went well.  Of course I still look like I was hit by a truck but when the swelling and bruising goes away, I believe (with some concealer) the scars on my face will be barely noticeable.

And for those of you who are keeping score the squirrels are winning and we will start with the THIRD bag of cement this week. ...persistent little devils... But the last time they wintered under the house they tore the insulation off the heating ducts to line their nests.



margaret said...

good to read the operation went well, must be tough not being able to stitch for a few days. withdrawal sets in for me when that happens.
Your block is looking good.
The squirrels are fun to watch but no fun when they are trying to net in your home. I have none around me as their is a park not far away with woods and they stay there

Shirlee Fassell said...

Your "benchmark" block is looking great! Looking forward to the next one.

Marilyn said...

I'm so glad to hear your surgery went well. And I really am liking your block. Black is one of my very favourite colours and the coppers and golds just set it off so nicely. Gee maybe I could send my squirrel down to your house. One has got in to the ceiling in my bedroom - kept me awake half the night. Today DH has to go out and try and block up the hole in the wall again.

Momma Bear said...

your block looks lovely so far!

wretched rodents! good thing they are cute or I'd shoot 'em on sight!

Pat Winter said...

Black, blue, purple, green, it doesn't matter on a face that beautiful my friend. So glad your are on the mend.

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