Watch my garden grow and come to life.....

I said I was going to put this away for a bit but obviously I lied and will work as I can on it. The whole objective with this class project was creating perspective with color, size, detail etc. always starting in the background working forward.

Size of thread is the first consideration... On the climbing rose and the flower box I used a single stand of extremely fine German silk..

For the flowers in front of the house I am using single strand of regular floss.

I am using mostly french knots and chain stitches. But no matter how many flowers colors I add it will NEVER look like a garden until I do the greens.. Which I have sketched in with Photoshop so you see the difference.

I was surprised to hear Judith say she never used whites in her gardens.  I love using whites in my stitching and in my painting.  It adds life and interest in my opinion... and is great for carrying the eye.  I will use it to help define the path.

Color is the next tool for creating depth.  In the back I'm using dusky or muted shades.  I am a sucker for variegated threads when I see them and always buying them and then find the variegation is so long they are not  effective... but for this project they will be perfect.  As I move forward the colors I use will become more jewel-toned and intense... as well as switching to heavier threads and ribbons..

I'm starting with the greens now...threads plus some specials yarns etc... Judith Montano was so creative in her choice and use of materials and I'm using that as inspiration.

Here is my friend Holly and I at the seminar with our watercolor painting.  She chose an English cottage and a much larger format than I'm doing.


Marilyn said...

Oh goody, you're working on it :). I love the tips you are sharing about creating depth in a piece.

Createology said...

Thank you very much for sharing your use of threads and colors and depths. I have never stitched with only one piece of thread especially silk. Your tiny flowers are stunning. Stitching Bliss...

margaret said...

what a pretty scene, I can picture myself living her and being so content. It really is lovely.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Using the color to create depth in painting I have heard before...but using the different sizes of thread, that I would not have thought of. It does make sense though as the closer to the front details would be stronger.
Not using white...that seems unusual to me...the white would add light and sparkle and as you said, help carry the eye. Seems a bit restricting to say you NEVER use a certain color...what about snow? fluffy clouds, powdered sugar...oh bother, now I am hungry!

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