A fond adieu and a scam foiled!

Remember my tiny hothouse I have used over the years for my tomato plants in the spring and in the fall... I loved it because it was built of everything salvaged from around the farm....except for the stained glass which was salvaged from a Catholic hospital torn down in the 60s.

Well the winters, especially a couple harsh ones, had taken their toll and it began to shift a little each year until the glass began to crack and break...  Now I have a helper coming tomorrow to dismantle it.  He wants the stained glass but I'll keep a couple small panels for keepsakes and find somewhere else to use them..

Probably somewhere in my tiny multi-fenced veggie garden because it gets the lovely morning sun to light up the glass. On top of two of the posts in this garden I have antique owl andirons which have colored glass eyes which were designed to glow when a fire was burning...  When the morning sun rises they make me smile!

What doesn't make me smile is GREED!  A month ago a solicitor contacted my mother and assured her he could help her get VA benefits as my dad was a WWII vet.  I warned her it was a scam and if she wanted to apply we would go to the VA and see an A&A advisor and I'd do all the paperwork.  She is borderline financially to qualify, 94 years old and not likely to live long enough to receive them.

But as usual NO ONE listens to my excellent advice and against said advice she met with this person who turns out works for a scuzzy lawyer.  He took my mother to this lawyer who in turned wanted to revise my mother's perfectly good living trust to the tune of $2800... and help her invest her income. Luckily I did find out what was happening..  She was a perfect target and so willing to believe they were such nice men and they just wanted to help widows.


apiecefullife said...

What a shame. That looked like a lovely garden feature.
And scams... I hate having to be so cynical.

Marilyn said...

I'm sure you will find a lovely spot for your glass panels. There are so many scoundrels (old-fashioned word but it seems to fit) that prey on seniors. Here's hoping "what goes around comes around" and they have the same treatment.

Jen said...

We have an old family cabin in the woods with those andirons and I adore them. I've been wanting to find some of my own, they are even nicer in the firelight, because they flicker and dance. That is awful about your mother. I don't know how people can live with themselves doing that to the elderly.

margaret said...

there are so many of these scum bags around, so glad to were able to step in and save your dear Mum from the con trick. Your tomato house has lasted well, you will miss it but if it is falling down it is better to dismantle than find all the glass smashed one morning due to high winds etc

Suztats said...

Love your andirons! Such a shame about your lovely little greenhouse, but the glass will add some nice sparkle in your garden.
Such evil little men. They must not have a conscience to be so vile and prey on the elderly and naive.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am glad your mother shared with you what was happening. I think some people wake up each morning thinking of who they will rip off that day.
Your stained glass pieces will look nice most anywhere.

Renee said...

I honestly do not know how some people sleep at night. We keep getting phone calls from the "shipping department" for the medical alert system. It's worded to sound like a friend or relative paid for it for us, just press one to have it delivered... Sadly, the ones likely to actually fall for this are the ones that can least afford it and need it the most. I'm glad you were able to save your mom from being weaseled out of so much money.

Susan Elliott said...

I'm so sorry to see that hothouse go. It was the first of many inspiring photos I've clipped from your blog. I love those owls too.

Glad you caught the schmucks who were taking advantage of your Mom. Let 'em have it!

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