I am drowning in lemonade....

I really need a tattoo that says "when life gives me lemons, I make lemonade."

No one believes me how bad this house was when we moved in 33 years ago until I show  them the pantry... I had left the upper part "as was" to remind myself occasionally how far I've come.

The bedrooms were all papered like the first shot with a border going to the ceiling.  Some walls were a pressed board which had been painted with enamel and sealed with duct tape which had also been painted.

I myself  had added the shelves to the pantry and they were made from used and mismatched, salvaged wood.. So after the plumber mess was cleaned up and   repaired I decided to paint the whole damn thing black...black black... like they do ceilings in commercial buildings to hide pipes and heating ducts..

As it turns out  I love it.  It is so pretty now with all the jars and cans on the shelves.  And what did I do about the duct tape...?   I painted it black of course..  Now I have to come up with a clever (cheap) solution for the wallpapered section...stay tuned!!

And then there's the bathroom solution.... I went to the garden department and found this amazing sprinkler...  The red thing on the handle adjusts the flow and the head has NINE settings....including mist... Just like a 5 star hotel.  I bought a lovely white hose used for campers and when I want to take a shower I can just run the hose to the bathroom sink.

I think I am going to have to paint the black clamp a coordinating color... Whatta ya think??

I found an adapter for the sink faucet which allows a hose to be connected when I need to shower...  Works great.

Now I need to find a clever (cheap) solution to the hole in the tiled wall...  Maybe filling it with plastic greenery... any suggestions? Not anything using duct tape, please!


Lisa said...

when my plumbing was being redone, they covered the hole (actually the entire faucet area) with a square of opaque white stuff that looked almost like foamcore but instead was hollow inside. I guess it also comes in translucent and is used for greenhouse panels. Think there's a photo on my blog of it. They just used a bead of silicone caulk around it. Kept it from leaking through and damaging the wall.

Lisa said...

Found the post with my bathroom fix. you can see it here:http://ivoryblushroses.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-busy-weekend.html

Marilyn said...

I love your black pantry. What a pretty sight every time you open the door. I don't do a whole lot of canning any more but even what I do would look just great in a black pantry. Hmmmm. I'm stumped on the hole in the tiles but Lisa's suggestion has possibilities. And I love your shower fix.

FredaB said...

Only you Gerry would come up with this great solution for your shower. You would have made a great engineer.


margaret said...

such imagination, love the garden sprinkler system for your taps. The black works very well and lucky you with a walk in pantry.

Mom E. said...

I love your black in the pantry, I am inspired by your creative ingenuity!
YOur shower is AWESOME! Just poke some silk floral greenery in that hole...it will brighten up your shower! : )
Loving all your "lemonade'!

crafty cat corner said...

I love the black larder, it looks so cool and shows off all the goodies so well.

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