One RR tune up finished

I am very happy with with this finished block... I was going for a delicate and lacy look..  There was so much  that was lovely on this block that I just couldn't let it languish in the drawer... With one exception I pretty much followed my original plan.

I dyed a lacy butterfly to echo the color of the lace on the seam and also added a light floral background similar to the work on the upper part of the block

Then I added some cream flowers to the upper right patch to add a little light to that corner... In the upper center I beaded two lace dragonflies and because that patch is framed on all sides by elaborate seams, I did little else.

The one change I did that I hadn't planned on was the seam (1.) by the butterfly.. for two reasons.  There was the lovely seam (3.) and I wanted some of that white somewhere else on the block. That seam (1.) had bright yellow and royal blue beads which weren't in harmony with the block as a whole. New seam is 2.

So all in all, just a few minor changes that made me at ease with this block. There was never an issue with the quality of the stitching.  It was more the color choices which has prompted me to write the series on color and RRs on Block Talk with Gerry. I have several pieces to back and bind so will do them all at once.
Here is the before and after..


Lisa said...

Lovely! So much better now! Love the colors of this block.

If I could make one small suggestion ~ the lower empty area in the lower right corner under the golden eye shape ~ I think it needs just a slight bit of that lacy floral with a touch of the coral color pulled through rather than lavender. My eye keeps getting drawn to that corner.

Marilyn said...

That's going to be so beautiful with the shirring around it. I do see what Lisa means about the bottom right corner though. My eye keeps going there too as if it were looking for something lacy.

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