BoHo Bag, Great Book and Tool Woman!

Kathy is one of the ladies who's been coming on Wednesdays to stitch with me and she finished the flap on her BoHo bag and it is truly lovely.  She is a very precise stitcher and the work on this is extraordinary for someone new to crazy quilting..  She has chosen  elegant fabric to coordinate with it and I'm anxious for her to assemble it..

 She also brought a book to share with me and I will share with you... For me it is especially timely because I'll soon start stitching on my lace cottage block again and also  in the mood to do a series of cottage buttons.

It's the flower beds that are so interesting.. In this particular one notice how the artist has used red to move your eye through the flowers and keep your eye in the foreground.  The mass  of white flowers actually pulls your eye to the figures..

There is much to learn from this book on how to handle masses of flowers in a stitched composition.
Wouldn't this painting make a precious center for a block?  Notice how the bunch of pink snapdragons (lower left) point to her and she is framed by the door.  These elements do not happen by accident.

The entire book is filled with photos exploring the whole era of cottage garden paintings.

There are many paintings where there are specific color themes to a bed....like this lavender and yellow bed... I especially like the placement of the daisies lower left and all the yellow achillea pointing to the center and the stone wall carrying the eye across and another mass of flowers framing the path.  Makes you want to stroll right in.... needs a bench tho!!!

And speaking of benches, here is my tool shop in the barn where I built all my benches.  I love power tools (well any tools) and can not think of a tool I do not have.  They know me well at Harbor Freight.  But each season it needs a good cleaning and sorting.  Last week my handy helper  came and we started..  This is the before picture... First we have to get the work benches cleaned off and all the spare lumber hauled out.

I think I'm just about done doing all this sort of thing and then I think of the obstacle course for Morris...oh yeah!  And I do want to build my coffin..


Cathy K said...

Oh my! I cannot believe that that is a first block from Kathy! Please tell her how beautiful it is and that she has a natural talent! Look forward to seeing more of her work!

Those cottage pictures have me itching to do some silk ribbon work. I am wondering if it is time to do a Landscapes or Cottage Garden themed RR on CQI, or a quarterly challenge where we are challenged to embellish prints that we find (for our own use, not to violate copyright stuff). As it is, I need to hire about 3 people to help me accomplish what I have set out for my self for the rest of the year. *Sigh*.

Take care! Hugs, Cat

Lorraine said...

Kathy has done a beautiful job in both her colour selection and stitching. I hope she has the CQ bug now! I'll look forward to seeing the completed Boho so make sure you post a photo.
The cottage garden book is magnificent!
I can't believe the amount of "stuff" you have girl! Tools too...

Marilyn said...

Its hard to believe that this is Kathy's first block. She did a great job and I'm anxious to see the completed bag. Yes! Another cq convert! And what a great book to browse through and get even more ideas for your cottage block and buttons. And nice that you share items picked out by your artist's eye. I see a lot of them but wouldn't know how to explain them. You really must post a picture of your coffin when you get it made - it will be the talk of the graveyard (grin).

susiew said...

Gerry, you certainly have great students. Kathy has done a wonderful job for a "first effort". The piece has lovely balance in both color and stitch choice. Is the large flower on the left taken from the floral print on the patch just below to the right? If not, that was one lucky find and if it was .... what a great idea!! Love the spider web (really brave for a first timer) and deciding to place the curvy trim near the bottom. Hope to see the finished bag soon.

Love, love the book .... bet you have one on order already ....


Pam Kellogg said...

Gerry, you always have such beautiful and interesting things to share on your blog! The stitched pieces are breathtaking!

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