4 blocks, 1 bag and a sore foot!

In preparation of our road trip over Thanksgiving I'll have all the last 4 four blocks ready for the final fancy stitching..  There'll be plenty of time to stitch in the car and in the hotel...  Lately I have been dreaming of various ways to assemble the book . decisions!!

On this "Morris and Me" page I made tiny prairie points with some 3/8" plaid ribbon to frame the picture... I thought a pattern would emerge from the plaid... it didn't... But I know how to do it now but 3/4" ribbon or larger would work much better..

The image on the back cover (upper left)  is quite large so there's very little left to do on it...I scored when I found that giant yellow button in my stash.. It will have a special center.

 The skunk trap page is ready for fancy seams.  I'm trying to stick to black and white on that page with the exception of the rainbow.

The block bottom forefront is the "pocket" page in progress.  There will be a narrative for each page on a laminated card  and they will be in this pocket page.  I have an image ready to put on it... I'm also starting another fancy ribbon trim from my ribbon book.  There are so many interesting ways to fold ribbon... I want to try them all.  Now that the end is in sight I want to be done, done, done....

This pile of stuff is going to be a tote for my display blocks which I now carry around in a very large beach bag which is about as ugly as you can possibly imagine.... but...the perfect size.. So since I will be toting the blocks out and about more when the classes start (yes, classes are going to start in January...more later)  I would be embarrassed by the beach bag for my beautiful blocks.

This will be just fancied up tapestry because I need it quick...  I can do the hand work while I am soaking my foot.  About 3 weeks ago I dropped a frozen leg of lamb on my foot... big bruise on foot and a black toenail but now the toe has developed an infection and I'm supposed to be soaking it... as good an excuse for extra stitching as I can think of.


Marilyn said...

Isn't it nice to be getting close to the end of a project. I now have 4 of 6 of my 11" block project done and a little bit on each of the other 2 done. Very intense stitching so I'll be glad to get it done. I think injuring yourself just to get some stitching time is a bit extreme (grin).

gocrazywithme said...

Take good care of that toe! Sit and stitch! And soak! Almost forgot that part. I'm curious about your ribbon book. I just bought Ribbon Trims by Nancy Nehring, and it's fascinating, but I haven't tried anything out of it yet. What is your book?
And Happy Thanksgiving!

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