Finished Klee with Glee

Hideko's artist Paul Klee was the last in my rotation for the the artist round robin...  On a whim I typed Paul Klee and bird into Google and up popped this painting of a bird of in a forest...  So I was delighted to use it as my inspiration

So here is my Paul Klee bird for Hideko.... CQ style and it can go into the mail tomorrow. ..only a day late. 

Of course being a crazy quilter my bird has a lot of bling.  The body is satin and the breast is all sequins and beads.  The wing is a piece of beaded leaf trim I bought for the suffrage quilt and the tail is a button and a bit of a treasured vintage beaded trim....very old..

This has REALLY been an interesting round robin.  two favorites were Gayle's Georgia O'Keeffe and Ritva's nature artist.

But my VERY favorite was the block I did for Margreet's Mondrian... Not many positive comments on it so I guess you had to be a kindergarten teacher to appreciate the whimsy...  I love young children's art ...it is simplistic and direct and done with great confidence...  As I watched them draw purple dogs and huge cows and chickens with aplomb I always wondered how many of them went on to be artists when they grew up...  I tried to imagine Mondrian as a child in one of my classes... 


Socrates said...

Your child's mondrian is hilarious. Good lateral thinking. It sounds like a fabulous RR. Socrates, from the crazyquiltinginternational

Cathy said...

I know I wouldn't be able to participate in this type of RR (too much thinking involved) but I have enjoyed seeing who picked whom as a fav artist and the interpretation of the artist in stitching. I think there is a fascinating psychological study in there somewhere! - Cathy L

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