How I "block" a block..

This post is in answer to a question from Beryl....  How do I block a block to make it look its very best when finished?  I not only do this process at the end of working on a piece, I do it several times during work on one of my own projects.  I always "block" any RR piece I've worked on before I send it out...  I have several small, old  bulletin boards from thrift stores (but a piece of styrofoam works just as well..).  They are not on the wall so I can use both sides...

I start by pinning the four corners as square as I can and then start pinning from side to side and top to bottom....gradually stretching and pulling until it all is flat...  Sometimes it may take 6-7 pins on each side..  I leave it pinned like this at least overnight or even a day or two..

Then I take it down and put it face down on a thick towel and press lightly on the back to set the shape.....  That used to be my last step but since Allie has changed my life I now add a lightweight fusible KNIT to the back as the last step... It stabilizes the shape and secures all threads..  You won't believe the difference it makes.  Allie puts a layer of the knit on before she starts embellishing and after as well.  I'm doing that on my suffrage quilt.

In answer to Laurie's question... I buy it at JoAnn's fabric store..  Be sure it is the fusible knit not the fusible web...  It is very light and gauze-like and a dream to stitch through,


MosaicMagpie said...

You may want to go buy some stock in a fusible knit company, before we all go out and buy it!
Thank you!

Laurie said...

Hi Gerry! Thanks so much for the hint! I've used fusible web before on the back of my projects, but have never heard of fusible knit. Where do you purchase this, as I've never seen this around. Also, is the knit put on along with muslin when starting your stitching, and does the square get bulky or heavy after putting on 2 layers of knit?

Laurie said...

Thanks Gerry, I will be buying some for certain!

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