Sharon Boggon's quilts

Sharon not only brought this quilt but two other large ones, many smaller pieces, and her famous 75' long stitch sampler which stretched around the room.. They were all laid out on tables and she encouraged us to handle them, take photos and study them up close... This is her famous "I dropped the button box" quilt and what amazed me is how small the squares are...about 5-6 inches and each one is a lesson...all 100 of them..

Now that I've inundated you with information on contrast, take a few minutes and go to the site of this quilt..... Click on individual squares and look for the paths she creates for the eye to follow and start identifying all the various examples of contrasts in her blocks...especially the busy and quiet areas... My class block and more soon....

I finally am getting settled in... unpacked, taxes finished (nothing like the last minute), and house in order... Today is a "mother needs" day, getting groceries, and baking... as DH has only 4 sour cream rolls left..

THEN I can attend to getting buttons uploaded on Etsy and start painting again.... I had many special requests in CT including one from Marilyn for a painting of her grandson on a button... Is he cute or what? I've done watercolor portraits over the years but this will be my first attempt at a miniature on a 1 1/2" button..

More on the CT workshops so don't go away now and I hope you're enjoying my memories of this event..

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MosaicMagpie said...

Glad you are home and getting back in the swing of things. What a great button you will create from that hansome young man's photo. We are looking forward to learning from all you lucky girls that attended the CQ event.

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