Artist DYB RR and trismus

I have this large print framed in my bedroom... It was done by French Impressionist Berthe Morisot in the latter part of the 1800s. It is my absolute favorite painting as I AM that child..even still... My hair is grey, my skin wrinkled, and my joints ache but I inside I am still that child. My earliest fond memories are of dolls I loved and that love of dolls has woven through my entire life... Of course my daughter, step daughters, granddaughters and nieces all could care less about dolls.

So when I joined the Artist DYB with a dream team (Hideko, Ritva, Helina, Margreet and Gayle) I chose a specific subject rather than a specific artist. And I chose a girl and her doll. Since I found so many images I will be using them in other DYBs and do some myself so I enough to make a book. I chose the following six for this DYB.

Not been a good week... last Friday the left side of my head and neck began to swell and I felt like someone had hit the side of my head with a 2x4...then my jaws froze shut... Called my dentist as it might be a tooth (although not any specific tooth was aching) and he was closed 4 days over Easter so I went to see my doctor to make sure it wasn't hoof and mouth disease or some such thing... She sent me home with pain pills... Finally saw my dentist Tuesday and he send me to a endodontist today... It is an abscessed tooth under a crown and my jaws are still frozen shut and for a week I have been eating with a straw and tiny demitasse spoon.... mashed bananas, yogurt, boiled eggs and ice cream.

I am now on 2 kinds of antibiotics and more pain pills and hopefully in a week my jaw muscles will relax enough they can do the surgery... And there is actually a name for this condition... "trismus" - the continuous contraction of the jaw muscles. Expanding my vocabulary the hard way.


Ruby said...

Oh! Gerry, this is terrible. Sure hope it relaxes soon. Love your girl and doll theme. Precious!

Mánya said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth... I do hope you feel better really soon.
I love the theme you have chosen and the pictures you picked for it are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the blocks you'll create using them :)

Suztats said...

Abscessed teeth are so awful! Hope the meds work soon and you are feeling better. I like your girl and doll subject. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hope your tooth gets better soon- sounds terrible. The pictures of the little girls are lovely. What does DYB stand for? Jane

Bobbi Pohl said...

Hooray for antibiotics. I hope they have already knocked down your absess and you are on your way to full recovery.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your tooth. Take care and feel better soon
Suzie in Idaho

Lisa said...

Gerry ~ so sorry to hear about the tooth troubles and praying that you will be feeling better soon.
Lovely pics of the girls and dolls! Will be fun to watch and see how these blocks turn out!

FredaB said...

Hi Gerry

What an awful mess to be in. Tell good old Hubby that if you can't eat you certainly cannot be expected to cook. Not sure if that will work. We would starve in my house if that happened. Harv knows the peanut butter and bread thing but not much else.

Joking aside this does sound awful. I have never heard of it before. Maybe by the time you read this the antibiotics have slowed everything down and you can be your old, nice self again.



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