Copyright "carte blanche" & watch the long seams

If you are visiting while I am out of town I hope you take the time to browse a bit and look through the tutorials above... And if you type tutorials in the search box to the right, about 6 pages of mini tuts appear.

Also my blog is copyright "carte blanche". If you see something you would like to use or adapt...feel free... No need to ask for permission... When I was young and worked as a graphic artist I did feel proprietorial about things I created but now that I'm old I take the greatest joy in sharing...

One last bit about long lines or seams... You can see below that the long seam drew the eye right off the page... Above you can see the little touches I added to break up that long line.. a blue butterfly, the pink ribbon and the button at the bottom.

Happy Spring!


Judy said...

you're a sweetheart about sharing.Thanks!I will go and look at your Tutorials this weekend.Your tips are terrific for someone like me who is relatively new to Crazy Quilting.
I did see a tip about having some spare blocks made up of smaller pieces so there aren't very long seams in the work.I used to have very long seams and it was really awkward to disguise them.

Momma Bear said...

thank you Gerry!
Enjoy your long explore at the adventure!
I am jealous! green-chartreuse with envy!
hurry home and impart what you have learned to all of us stuck at home in the hinterlands!)

MosaicMagpie said...

We appreciate your sharing! It is from all you share that helps us learn. Love the spring block, the rabbit and bird are favorites. Enjoy your time of companionship and learning, take lots of notes!
To share with us!

Anonymous said...

First. I just LOVE your bunnies! Someday I hope to be able to do them too. You make them look so adorable. Have a wonderful time on your great adventure. I will enjoy looking over your tutorials. You are so generous. Thanks so much for sharing. Suzie in Idaho

Suzanne said...

I've never quilted, but I still enjoy your blog so much. Your creations are beautiful and I love how welcoming you are. I appreciate your offer to others to use your work. Although I've never tried quilting, you make me think that I might try a small piece that I could frame or just create it for the fun of it. Wishing you a delightful journey.

Plays with Needles said...

I like this Copyright Carte blanche thing!! I'm here getting caught up on all your posts..

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