Update and Kudos to Gina

When I think of cotter pins I think of the one on the far left... but these are all varieties of cotter pins.. The bottom two on the right can be called hairpin cotter pins, hairpin clips, humped cotter pins, humpbacked cotter pins r-clips, retaining clips and radio tray clips ..just a few of the names I found... Had no luck googling plastic cotter pins. I did find sources to buy in bulk... really bulk...like 1000. Also found places where I could buy just 100 but the shipping was outrageous... But Gina found a seller on Esty who had 50 from her grandmother's button box... How appropriate is that? I snapped those right up. Thanks to everyone who responded and if you run across any more - cheap ...let me know..

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Gina said...

Cool! It only took one google search but yeah, you need the keyword. Glad you got them. I find them on the back of buttons I buy sometimes and I save them but I can't tell you where they are at the moment. Mostly on the back of button cards I think.

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