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Everyone is sleeping this morning including Miss Molly who has moved into Cathy's bed to sleep. I will take a few minutes to show the steps in creating the focal point for my block for the Sharon Boggon workshop.

I loved this photo my talented granddaughter took in Morocco in December and wanted to use it on that CQ piece and I'm preparing the block today...

I needed to simplify the photo a bit with a little photo editing. I wanted to crop out the door on the right and I wanted the cement blocks gone... So I made a couple copies of the photos..

On the first copy I edited out the bike all together. But as you can see the little bit of blue of the bike is vital to the composition of the photo .. Also the bike adds the human element of the photo... So I definitely wanted the bike back in the photo but without the cement blocks.

On the second copy I isolated the bike and began erasing the cement blocks... Since the wall and street are so rustic it does not have to be too precise.

Then I dropped the bike back into the photo and still need to do a little fine tuning.

The final step will be to set the photo on a bigger block of orange to create a seam allowance.

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Plays with Needles said...

I LOVE this photo too..! Glad you're having so much fun and sure wish I could come over for a cup of tea with you two...

What if you left the bike out and stitched one in the same spot instead??

Food for spot, xo Susan

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