Veranda of iron and glass

All the larger items were taken to the new house by the movers in a big truck and we moved the rest in smaller pickup loads and just when DH thought we were done I'd find another truck load from the barn or garden.  Even in the final days of the sale I was hauling used lumber and  more plants.  

If it had gone on any longer I was ready to start hauling my favorite rocks.  I did take the majority of my wrought iron and stained glass I had collected over the years without the slightest notion where I was going to use it.  But I am gradually finding a place for it.  This was a piece  which hung over the stove in the kitchen at the farm and is now part of the new "veranda..."

The iron piece on the right in this shot used to hang over the mantel of the fireplace in the living room... All the corner pieces are shelf supports from Amazon and I kept ordering more and more of them.  This whole project is in flux and just today I decided to needed to undo and redo sections...

There are three large frame areas that have a fancy hummingbird feeder in each and the "frames" vary in size and somehow the ratio niggles at me and I won't be happy until I change it. This end has the two trellises hanging  and there are honeysuckle vines just barely started up them.  The trellises are actually baby gates from the thrift store.

The stained glass below will be above the "frame" on the right.  The glass just appeared recently as a gift from a friend.  This beautiful piece was damaged and she realized she would probably never use it again and was looking for a home for it.  I am ecstatic to use it somehow in this project.  I am just about done repairing it.  Luckily all my stained glass tools were in one of the last truck loads before the farm sale.  

Yesterday DH took me to Walmart and my cart literally transported me into the nearly deserted garden dept and lo and behold all the bulbs were $1 a bag.  For $10 I got another 100 bulbs.


Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

Lucky deal on the bulbs! And that new stained glass is amazing! Super work dear lady!

Momma Bear said...

"my cart literally transported me into the nearly deserted garden dept"

Funny, that happens to me too! Plants just follow me home, like stray cats.

Margaret said...

Your veranda is beautiful! Glad you've recovered from your fall...and that your bum bum isn't keeping you from sourcing out bargain bulbs! Take care!

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