Going gypsy chic!!!

 I can't believe I didn't blog a picture of my little drop leaf table when I finished it about a year ago but have searched photo files and blog to no avail....   I had some problems with using the tiny stencils but since I was going for an "well-used" look, it really didn't  matter. "Well-used" is my go-to-look for everything now that the vision is such a huge problem.   I posted a photo of the top but not the legs when I finished.

I didn't really have a plan and made it up as I went along.  It is very light weight and easy to move about when I have to vacuum.  Mostly DH has his reading material and wine on it but it is small enough that it doesn't get out of hand.

I started with this small drop leaf table from the barn which had seen better days.  I did have to modify some hardware from Amazon to work with the leaves on  such a small table.

And my basic color palette was rust, sage, and mustard and I was really happy with it....so happy
that it is the basic palette I am using for the new house and many items have been ordered ... storage cabinet, bathroom cabinet, kitchen island cart, etc. and they will all follow this palette and have decorative painting on them. They all have to be assembled so I will do most of the painting before I put them together.  It will be at least 2 months before we can actually move so there will be time to do a lot of fun stuff.

I have always been in love with gypsy wagons and now this is my last chance to go "gypsy chic"

But mine will have a lot more white included.  I want lots and lots of patterns and color but enough white for light... Now doesn't this sound like fun.

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