"The One!!!"

My son has a fishing lodge and used to travel and do sportsman's shows to promote his business.  On one such trip he met the lady of dreams and pursued her even as he traveled around the country.  In the spring he called and assured me he had met "The One".  She had quit her job and was driving cross country all the way to Alaska to join him and was stopping by to meet me on the way.

I adored her immediately and that was 1994...26 years ago and I still adore her.

Living so far apart I'm lucky to get to see her once or twice a year but this year has been special.  She came for a long visit in the winter and we had almost a week together at the wedding and she just flew out for Mother's Day for a few whirlwind days.

She treated us to dinner, helped me with many things that are hard for me and offered to drive me anywhere I needed to go and that was a lot... DH is great about driving me but it seems after all the doctor visits I hate to ask for extra trips for little things.  We caught up on all of that plus several white chocolate mochas along the way.

When she was here earlier she had gifted me to an introduction to yoga workshop and I have been going every week since and do it about four times a week at home.. So on this visit she was able to go to class with me twice and it was so much fun. Even though I still think of her as "the one" she does have a name...Vivian

Finally the last day she arranged a "spa" day for the two of us. We both received an elaborate facial  (my first ever) and I also received an "Upper Body Bliss" (a fancy name for an upper body massage.)  This photo was taken right after the blissful experience.   Do you think I enjoyed it???

Although she is absolutely gorgeous and is stunning when she is elegantly dressed, my favorite picture of her is in hip waders and a cowboy hat. We made enough memories the last few days to last me a good long while.


Marjorie Hair said...

How wonderful to hear of someone who has a good relationship with their daughter-in-law. You are blessed.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

A beautiful post about 'the one' for your son, and the sweet relationship you have with your lovely DIL.

You look totally relaxed relaxed in that photo after your massage. My dear sweet late husband used to tell me when I came home from a full body massage that I "looked like a wet noodle". That's exactly how I felt and still feel after I've had one. You look lovely in that photo. Glad you had that wonderful day and time with your dear DIL.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Marilyn said...

How wonderful that you adore you DIL. DS's first wife and I are world's apart and we could never quite get to like each other. But now he has met a wonderful lady whom I adore :). Former DIL and I get along much better now though. I ordered a CIgong/tai chi dvd and I have been doing that for a couple of months. It is really making a difference. I can do it because I don't have to get on the floor. Love your garden flowers - we're just seeing the first dandelions here.

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