The eyes are definitely looking up!!!

On Monday I did get a start on the eyes and though they still need a couple fine tuning tricks I will share, I'm happy with the beginning,,, I want to get all four cats transferred so I can take them with me when we go out of town in a couple weeks...

As you can see I've started outlining and highlighting with a very dark grey that if I had to name I'd call "pavement"


Flora Bernstein posted this wonderful photo which perfectly portrayed how greys  reflected light and  helped define the details on a black cat... and what a handsome cat it is.

So I pulled blacks and greys from my threads... Not only getting a difference in shades but textures using different weights of perle cottons and DMC.  I have even pulled blue/black and a green/ black.  Both of these actually look black until they are placed next to a black.

I will be using greys on the ears , nose and other spots to define features on my cat also... This is a good project for me as doing fur is not precise at all and will all blend if in the right general direction.  I determine that the same way I do bird feathers and will point it out later.. Basically a hard project for someone with limited vision to mess up...

But no stitching today as the sun is shining and it's about fifty degrees...warm enough to grab a shovel and head outdoors.

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Miss K said...

I LOVE everything on this blog (and have purchased a few of the recommended books). Are you able to help troubleshoot a ribbon design? I'm frustrated beyond belief!


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