Painting furniture funky!!!

Painting the kitchen counter really put me in the mood to paint something else much larger than a button.  I've been painting ugly furniture for years.. and there is a lot of it in the house.  But my favorite piece of furniture I painted is my nightstand in 2008 because I see it every night and every morning.

And the rainbow front door was fun... I love painting doors but this is my favorite because I see it many times a day and it is the first thing visitors see when they come.  Now that it has become a bit weathered and worn I like it even more...  I have painted other doors including the one to the bathroom which makes it easy for visitors to find..."just look for the green door."  I actually painted that door because it was so old and ugly and being an odd size, hard to replace.

As I was working around the house and barn I kept an eye out for what to paint.  I have a fabulous antique breakfront in the barn which was too big for the house.  I always thought that someday I would live where I could use it as a kitchen island as it is almost 8' long.  It would be fantastic as a funky paint job but I would never see it.

I already have a fun piece I never see and
probably will never live where I can use it.  It is this sunflower bench I built and painted and is now covered with a tarp for years.  I love the black and white check and will probably use that on my newest project...

So the criteria is developing...something I will see and use everyday..  I do have several stools that I could paint including my antique piano stool I use at my sewing table... It is high on the list.. The little roll-about stool from Harbour Freight really needs a facelift and I use it all the time.

Stools are a perfect subject for funky painting.

Some things I am too emotionally attached to so that painting them is not an option...such a case is my 100 year old typing table on the left which holds my featherweight... But the tall jewelry cabinet on the right with all the drawers would be a blast.. It came from the thrift store and has no real value.  I can see every drawer painted differently... It too is high on the list at this point.

And there are a few tables.  The little folding green one on the left is used all the time and since I have used it to iron on, the finish is pretty bad.  DH is always snagging it to put by the couch to hold his coffee or wine.  But it is not very stable and is an accident waiting to happen...  The one on the right is darling and a perfect subject but it too is in the barn because it was  too large for the house.

So I settled on another smaller one from the barn that could be used by the couch and other uses when the leaves are up... It needs a good sanding before I paint it but is in great shape otherwise....very stable... hard for husband or dog to upset.

And as a bonus it
has great legs... and boy do I have visions for those legs..... check out these legs that Pinterest sent me under funky furniture...


crafty cat corner said...

I think that you are one of my favourite blogs. I just love reading all of your posts be it needlework, cooking or your fabulous painting.
Gerry, you are inspirational to me. I now see myself looking in the charity shops for a small table to paint and its all your fault, lol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh what fun!!!! Wish I could join you in this enterprise because it just plain looks like fun; to say nothing about the full-on 'happy' just looking at the results. Makes me eye that awful four drawer filing cabinet in the corner of my sewing room and think yet again how much better it would look if it were painted. Then I stop and consider the fact that I'd have to move everything out of it - AND move the couch (and who knows what else) to actually get at it. Now I'm feeling a little lie-down coming on.....

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a timely post for me. I was just looking at a cement bench my daughter bought for us that sits by the pond. I was thinking it should be AQUA. It will be really humid the rest of this week, but I'm pretty sure I'll be painting next week!.

margaret said...

amazed at how you transform old unloved pieces into real beauties, would love a rumage in your barn it seems so full of wonderful furniture happy painting and hope to see your new creations

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