Meet Maxine and Harley!!

We picked up the new pullets a week ago and they are settling in.  This is the prettiest one and I have named her Maxine and she definitely wants to be my friend.  I try to sit with them a bit each day and talk to them so they know me but right from the first Maxine would come right by my feet and peck at my shoes while the other two have been more shy.

Then yesterday she hopped up on the feed bin within a foot of me and listened to every word I had to say...  I sit on a small stool near the feed bin and my shoulder is leaning against a bale of shavings.

Tonight she eased over to the edge of the feed bin and was trying to decide whether she was going to hop over to the bale of shavings to get closer and that is just what she did.

And once she made the leap she scooted right next to my shoulder and set herself down.  I had the camera on my shoulder when I took this picture. You can see her BF "Fancy Pants" watching all this. Maxine sat there until it was getting dark  and listened to me until I finally had to go in the house... I predict I will soon have her eating right out of my hand.

Now that the weather is turning too hot to work outside I will get some buttons painted and this pet Lhasa  Apso  is first on the list.. His owner is a motorcyclist enthusiast and named him Harley...  No pink ribbons on his head and check the haircut... and he will be wearing a bandana with the Harley Davidson logo.  I had to blow the photo up on the computer to really see where the dark side of his head started and ended.  I really like Harley!!!  Great photo to work from....lots of detail.


Marlynne said...

How neat to see how fast you and your chickens are becoming best friends! Interesting to see how you do your animal button paintings,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We had Rhode Island Reds on the farm when I was growing up, but I didn't make much effort to befriend them - too many sorry memories of being pecked when trying to gather eggs. When I got into my early teens Dad got me a pair of Banties and those I made into pets.

margaret said...

I am loving picturing you talking to your chickens love to hear the clucking, button is going to be beautiful

Marilyn said...

Gerry, the chicken whisperer (grin). I love your animal stories. Its been hot here but supposed to cool off a bit and right now we're getting some rain. It was such a wet spring I'm not sure we need any more rain - just finally got the mud dried out.

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