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Most of my adult life I've had a yellow or cream kitchen...I cook better in a yellow or cream kitchen.  The food looks better in a yellow or cream kitchen and it even tastes better in a yellow or cream kitchen... Only twice in 60+ years have I varied.  Once I painted my kitchen pink which did not last long... It was pepto bismal pink and horrid..

And about 35 years ago I painted it a minty green thinking it would be soothing... It was at the time I was upgrading my cabinets with new doors and getting new counter tops for which I also chose a minty green formica.  I soon hated a minty green kitchen and went back to either yellow or creams... But I was stuck with those minty green counters all those years.

So I was thinking when we were on the cruise that I would try to paint the counter tops and found this product on Amazon.

I thought I would try it and if I didn't like it I would paint sunflowers all over the counter instead.  But I was definitely not looking at those minty green counters one more summer.

I corralled DH into helping to tape off all the edges which was the most time consuming part of the whole process.  The first step was painting it all with black primer and DH was really worried at that point..  Probably rightly so as over the years I have had some not-so-great ideas.

Well it turned out so much better than I even dreamed it could.  The lighting in this picture does not do it justice. There were 3 steps.  The first step was the primer which had to dry 8 hours, then the sponging of three colors which had to dry 4 hours and then the top coat and let it dry 8 hours. It will take a couple weeks to really "cure."  So in a couple days my kitchen looks brand new.

It is really this color. Granted it is not real granite! ...and not as durable but it is breathtaking.  I always use vinegar on my kitchen counters and they advise vinegar or other harsh cleaners not to be used on this surface.  I can do that! And if I do accidentally damage a spot I will paint a sunflower on it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'd love this on my counters but it would be frowned on by the apartment powers-that-be. It will look perfect with your favourite colours too. Now the question - does your hubby like it now it's done?

margaret said...

how good your work top looks. I have a wooden one and need it replaced as it is rotting away but so far unable to find a man who will do it

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, what a great job you did. I love the look.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You are brave!! I'm pretty hard on my counter top. Two men in this house do not call it a sacred place and I often find a hammer or other tool laying on it near the kitchen back door. It looks wonderful!
xx, Carol

Bobbie Fey said...

You amaze me. Your creativity shines. I love the counter, looks wonderful. I am working on my tiny shed 10x20 which is now known as my "Tiny Cozy Cottage". It will have a kitchen (sort of) with white base cabinets on the north end. For a cheap fix for a counter I am going to construct a top made of 2x10s pine wood clued, screwed and glued together, stained and varnished. Wish me luck if it turns out as I envision. Currently stuck with finding a worker to install insulation and paneling. I put fiberglass insulation on the bottom part and it was the most labor ugly work to do. Frank, husband is trying to find someone to finish the rest. He keeps telling me Rome wasn't built in a day, but who cares I want it done NOW! Isn't life fun having projects to dream about and do. I admire your spirit. Bobbie

Marilyn said...

I did my kitchen counters in our house in Greenwood. I just used white melamine as a base and then sponged grey so it sort of looked like marble. And then I stenciled a clematis vine all around the edge. It looked quite nice if I do say so myself :)

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