From great-great- grandmother to.....

I started this piece in 2010 when I ran across this picture of my grandmother  and my granddaughter at the same age and realized how much the world had changed for a young woman.  My granddaughter had college, travel and a chance to make decisions about the future.  At the same age her great-great-grandmother Margaret had to quit school as her father had arranged a marriage for her to a farmer 20 years her senior. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father thought he was providing a secure future for her. She had 4 children in rapid succession found farm life with a stern German immigrant unbearable.

In her day one of the few ways young women had to communicate was with a fan… The  difference between their lives was as great as the difference between the fan language and the cell phone.  Thus the inspiration of this piece of needlework.
I waited until my granddaughter had finally settled and has her own home to give her this for Christmas.

I actually disassembled a cell phone to put the numbers on this piece so you can  see how even cell phones have changed since 2010.  The text message on the phone roughly translates   

Dear great-great granddaughter Madi,
Your life is so awesome.  Between you
and me, you are so lucky.  You go girl. 
But “TGAL”think globally, act locally
as even the smallest things you do affect everyone.
From the bottom of my heart I love you.
Great great grandmother Margaret…
I wanted the colors to make a transition from somber and dark to vibrant and light. I stitched the  opposing corners first and the hand pieced the transition colors.

If you didn't notice, take a second look and check out the variety of fans I created and I   had some great seams on this piece.. You can see at this point of construction that I put down ribbons and trim over seams and then embellish them.


Marilyn said...

I remember watching this piece develop. How nice that Madi will finally get it :)

margaret said...

what a wonderful piece lovingg ow you have the photos on it and the text message is so "now" wonder what Margaret would have made of a mobile phone

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is an amazing piece that will certainly be cherished. My husband loves westerns and we watch them often. They never cease to remind me that my own grandmother was born in 1884 and I always wonder what the world was like for HER back then. I don't know much about her until she was in her 60s when I spent a lot of time with her. I miss her til this very day and have only fond and loving memories of her. I named my daughter for her. I almost lost my daughter at birth and will always feel my grandmother helped her find her way to the world.
Merry Christmas
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a wonderful piece of art that bridges the generations so well. I'm sure your granddaughter will treasure this, not only for the symbolism but also because HER grandmother made it. Happy Christmas wishes to you Gerry, and to your family.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Wow you are amazing! Love your though process! I am sure she will treasure the symbolism as well as your artistry in this lovely block.

FredaB said...

How sad a life for Margaret. Hopefully her children helped her get through it.

I bet your grandaughter loved this.


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