Will the real Gerry stand up!

I've taken a break from needlework but want to get back to finishing the cottage books for the older granddaughters.  I had finished the corset books for the two youngest granddaughter except for the last page.

When I did a piece for the quilt alliance several years ago they were stressing the importance of personalizing your work for the future.  I think this is a grand idea and just now getting around to fine tuning a short narrative on me, cq, and the needle for the last page of all the books.

Short is hard... I don't want a full blown biography but am close to the  final version.
I also wanted to add a picture of myself.  I have many pictures of myself doing all sorts of things but only one of me with a piece of needlework and my chatelaine.  None actually stitching.   Lots of pictures of me cooking...my family loves to capture  me in the kitchen..  I was going to use the one in the garden as it is my semi-official photo for everything.  It is the one that was in Better Homes & Gardens a few years back.  Personally my favorite of myself is the one with the sheep.  I get warm and fuzzy feelings every time I see it.
Since I couldn't choose I decided to add a composite of my most favorite things.... stitching, cooking, gardening and animals...  Now back to work on the narrative.
The lady who used to cut my hair retired and sent me to someone else... She saw me the other day and asked if I was still going to M. and if so, she had done a terrible job on my hair.  I thought I looked fine... just goes to show ya!!!  It's grey and clean so it's the least of my worries and as I look at these pictures, it always looks terrible.


Marilyn said...

I like your collage. Such a good idea to show different facets of your life as no one is defined by just one activity. I've finally started stitching again - feels good

margaret said...

good collection of photos for the books, hair looks fine to me.

Shirlee Fassell said...

The collage is great. Miss your stitching!

Margaret said...

Your composite is a beautiful reminder of all the roles a woman plays in her life -- each of which is (hopefully) truly who she is in any given moment. Hair, schmair! Mine is also kept short, clean and greying. Blessings for your day and on the work of your hands!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your collage! I like seeing the different roles of you as a woman. My hair is long, mostly silver and I wash it when it needs it.

Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a terrible thing to tell you!! "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" would have flown out of my mouth before I could think about it. I'm so sassy!

Gerry, at first I thought the pic of you with the sheep was the perfect pic to use. It shows your heart and love of life. But when I thought about it, I knew that you had correctly selected the composite, which shows the many faces of Gerry.

Great post.
xx, Carol

Susan Elliott said...

You're beautiful in every one!!! So important to document your own narrative in your own words. Without it, the world is left to draw their own conclusions! God forbid! Love seeing you. I've missed you. Catching up a bit with your life on a break.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to personalize your work so that future generations know the who,what, when and why of it. And I like the pictures of you!!

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