Photos of your pets for me to paint!

I have an offer in Etsy to a paint a personal portrait of your pet on a mother-of pearl button but it is easier and the results are better if I have   good photos to work from. 

If the pet to be painted is deceased then send multiple photos as I can create a composite using the best of each photo.  One shot might show the coloring better and another may catch the personality in eyes.
But if your pet is alive and well here are some tips to gather the best image.
Get down to their level…this is the most important tip.  
 Most people create images looking down at their pets as that is actually the way we see our pets most of the time. 

 Get down to the pet’s level to capture an image.  If you can't get down on the floor, raise the pet to your level by putting them on a bed and you sit on a chair by the bed.  This is much more eye-catching angle and really draws you into the character of the pet.

Get your pet’s attention….. Call his or her name, make sounds they respond to, and talk to them to get them to look at the camera.   Sometimes when you make a sound or talk to them they will cock their head or perk up their ears. You can also use treats! Pets will almost always look right at the treat or toy.

But sometimes staring straight at you is not the best. It is actually a nicer shot if they are just looking over your shoulder.


If you have an assistant, even better! Have them hold the treat or draw their attention where you’d like the pet to look.  

 Also an easy way to photograph a happy pet is to have a quick play session and then they are relaxed and happy when you get out the camera.  If you are ordering a portrait on a button, sending the photos to me via an email attachment is the easiest.


margaret said...

what a lovely idea for those who have pets

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well this is a fabulous idea. Everyone who has a pet wants a special momento of them. You should gets lots of sales.
xx, Carol

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