Lace cottage tutorial continued...part 4

I spent most of last evening on the curtains and one window.
Tonight I hope to finish all the windows and the door.  I am anxious to get to the fence so I can start on the garden... the fun part.

I don't know how large this looks on your screen but the entire cottage is less than 3" tall...very tiny indeed.

The lace I used for the curtains is just a hair over 1/4".  It is a machine lace and very intricate.  I am using the band part of the lace as my guide for my shutters.  Notice I did a tight chain stitch around the door to secure the lace before I start stitching the door.

And remember all this narrow trim I gathered to show you..?   Well I put it in that famous "safe place" and I need it now and can't find it..

We seldom eat out except for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas eve... I hate paying for a meal that I could cook better at home and I love cooking it.  Yesterday I spent most of the day cutting up scrap wood for winter and working on bills and budget....both odious chores.  So I am treating myself to a day of play in the kitchen.. I splurged and bought a duck for company coming this weekend and am cooking the duck confit today.  It takes 11 hours in the slow cooker.  I will be serving duck crepes with a plum sauce.  I did it last winter and served them with bok choy and mango salad.  Also making kale, prosciutto , parmesan pin wheels with puff pastry dough.  You make them ahead and freeze...cut and bake and serve as appetizers.  New recipe which sometimes sounds so good but not...we'll see...  And I have a big batch of turkey minestrone cooking away for tonight. Next to a day of stitching, a day in an apron cooking is the best.

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margaret said...

the cottage is coming along beautifully 3" is smaller than I pictured it in my mind, wonder if you have founs the lace yet I spend hours looking for this that I have msilaid and are sure they have gone for good then a miracle they are in front of my nose all the time! The food looks so yummy wish I was coming too to the meal

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