Lace Cottage tutorial continued...part 5

The actual cottage part of this piece is complete.  Besides finishing the door and the windows, I added a tiny lace along the left end of the roof and I did a chain to secure the lace on the corners of the house.  I wove a thread through the chain to catch even more lace...than I trimmed the lace close.  Any little fussies will be concealed by shrubbery later.

Now I can turn my attention to the fence in front... Visually I want the fence to cover the area in front of the house because I don't want to spend months doing French knots although the possibilities for a front garden area are great if I positioned the fence farther front.... I want to use a small lace for the top rail of the fence.  I want it to be rather bold to separate it from the lace on the house since they will be touching.  I want to bring the fence to the forefront and a strong lace could do that.

 This is my drawer of small laces from years of collecting.  It is very easy to overlook small edging lace  on ugly linens. You just see the stains and terrible embroidery and tend to put them aside.  But that's where I find some of my best small edgings.  You can also find some new machine laces that are cheap and fantastic.  Again I remind everyone not to be a lace "snob".   Not everything has to be handmade to be wonderful..
embrace them all.

So I start trying different laces and it makes it easier if I can see them all at once.  So I take photos so I can compare.
The bottom two were my final choice and the one bottom left won out as it was the laciest and I could envision roses spilling over it.  I am also trying out laces for the lane in the foreground.  Just as I wanted the fence to be heavier, I want the lace for the lane to be very delicate and unassuming...  This will be a hard one to find.


Marjorie Hair said...

I am so enjoying seeing the progress. What a great idea to take pictures when auditioning different choices. I like the one you decided on.

margaret said...

the lace for the fence looks perfect.

Sarah Aldrich said...

I looked at all your choices as I scrolled and immediately chose the same one you did. It made me smile! Love to see your progress.

Marlynne said...

If you styting at your son's lodge Lucky You!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Just look at that organized lace stash! Don't suppose you want to come an organize mine? We won't (cough) mention that mine is all jumbled up in shoeboxes. Wonderful progress on your wee house - such fun to watch it evolve.

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