Year of the Sheep...

And it's a lucky omen as my wool sheep blocks finally arrived home.  I had just assumed after all this time I would never see them again..  And as it is every spring when it is lambing time, I wanted them terribly.

And the timing couldn't be better as I am desperate for something to stitch on while sitting with mother.

This is how they looked when they left home.  Sometimes making your wishes known in the booklet is one of the hardest parts...  Sometimes it doesn't matter and I say so...but often I should be more explicit... In this case I did say I wanted flowers - lots of them - but I neglected to say lambs are the very essence of SPRING!! So I think because of the wool  I did get a lot of fall colors.  Since I have the time and these are special blocks to me, I am adding more flowers and more spring color. A lot more finishing touches as well.

I will be making a front and back cover.  I dashed out to the barn find the wool scraps and of course, being in a rush, I couldn't.  I thought I could cut new patches at mother's facility.... Even still there is enough to do for a several days.

Dh felt this group would not be complete with out including Pitiful Pearl....his favorite...and so she shall be added.

I am so happy these blocks finally came home.  I adored my sheep.  We have had many animals over the years... a horse I fell off of, pigs I chased all over the prairie when they escaped,  goats who climbed on my car and ate everything, geese who bit my legs and a rooster who attacked me... BUT the sheep were the most loving and gentle and only left the fondest of memories.


Marilyn said...

They were obviously just waiting for the right time to come home. Now you can have something joyful to work on. I remember reading a post or two about Pitiful Pearl and I'm sure she will make a great addition.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I can't wait to see the embellished blocks. I, myself am waiting for some sheep for my little farmstead. I had a line on 6 ewes that needed a good home but someone else swooped in and took them, so today I am sad, but hopeful that I will soon have my own flock. Have a wonderful day.

Susan Elliott said...

These are wonderful Gerry. I can just envision your work upon them. Sending you big love and lots of hugs.

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