Marilyn Nepper's "Stitch & Travel" Kit.

Marilyn Nepper from Canada has been a long time reader of my blog and we have become friends over the years.  She sent pictures this morning of her "Stitch And Travel" kit.  It's obvious that she put a lot of thought into this project so she would have just what she needs when away from home.  One thing she has in her bag is a packet of templates.  I've never carried an extra set but often wished I had them so I think I will add that to my travel kit.. 

Originally I used a different fabric and was putting in a zipper all around but instead I decided used a lovely sari   put the flanges with the snaps.


Addendum from Marilyn:  Its 12"x12"x3".  And it would be nice with a cq cover too but at the time I made it, that wasn't in the time frame."


The first page is for hoops although I don't use them often.  But it’s a good place to store them.  There is a pocket  on the left side. (back of cover)

Then there is the page with the scissors, needlebook, thimble case pin keep, emery bag, thread roll and pencil/utility case.

Last page is a template envelope and a beading case made from a vintage cigarette case with felt glued inside. (I use a metal CD case lined with felt for bead soups)

Pockets on inner front and back covers for the blocks, a book or two and my chatelaine.

The inner page is attached with velcro so can be taken out if need be. Now I think that is a great idea and will keep that in mind...

 Lisa B. said she would send pictures of hers...  Anyone else?


Annette said...

wonderful idea and for sharing this with us xoxoxo

traderslostart said...

Thank you for sharing Marilyn's travel case Gerry. It appears she has thought of everything. I really love it, and it gives me some ideas for one to keep all the things I can never gets my hand on at home. I am forever losing track of sewing items, as I tend to leave them wherever I am working, if I don't put them back in the same place on my desk. I sometimes swear that one of my kitties carts things off, or I am getting extremely forgetful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is a wonderful case (although I would be calling it a hussif). So far I've made three hussifs and have plans in the works for two more (at least!!).

Marilyn said...

There are some ideas from your travel bag that I want to incorporate in mine - for sure a stiletto, and I have the surgical clamp but it is in the pencil case. I am going to make a retractable lanyard for it when I have time. And I need an orts bag of some sort. I'm looking forward to your on-line chatelaine class though so I can maybe get everything I need on it.

Mosaic Magpie said...

This is beautiful and so functional. I do like the use of the vintage cigarette case and your thoughts on the metal cd case.

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