New Paisley for January CQJP

I took off the old paisley and redid it... It is basically the same design only this time:

1. I did it on organza over interfacing rather than felt over interfacing
2. I used size 15 beads rather than 11s
3. I used fewer color changes
4. I made it smaller in size

I also added some more buttons and bling here and there.  Shirlee Fassell sent me some fantastic sequins and I will start adding them to paisleys and elsewhere.  Here is the before and after.
We are adding more help with mother's care so I am mostly sitting near her to fetch liquids, etc.  As I was getting ready to leave today she beckons me close and said...  "Your hair is messy!"


Createology said...

I love your new Paisley piece. The additions are lovely.
Once a Mother...always a Mother.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your new paisley is beautiful! Size 15 beads are tiny to work with but the result is wonderful.

Happy Valentine's Day week ~ FlowerLady

Mary Ann said...


Mosaic Magpie said...

I like the new and improved version and all your additions.
Your hair may be messy my friend, but your heart is big.
xo, xo,
You need 2,

Lisa Boni said...

So glad you replaced the paisley as the other one just seemed out of place. The orientation of the new one is much better as well!

Beautiful work as always!

Ongoing prayers for you and your mother.

Marilyn said...

I like the new paisley much more because it doesn't seem so busy. Love it. Your Mom's hair comment reminds me of a British comedy program called Keeping Up Appearances. Hugs

Susan Elliott said...

Thank God hair doesn't define the woman!! Glad to see you stitching and blogging. The changes worked...but I knew they would. Big love and hugs for you and your Mom. xo Susan

crafty cat corner said...

Yes, the new one looks much better.

Margaret said...

I too like the revised paisley piece. Definitely cleaner and more obviously 'paisley'.

As for your mother...well, once a mother; always a mother. Sometimes we sigh... ;-)

Sarah Aldrich said...

New paisley is a definite improvement. Glad to see that you're still sticking. Hugs from cold and snowy Connecticut.

Annette said...

Awesome and learn so much from you xoxoxo

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