I finished Annette's fairy block for an online round robin I'm in...  From me this block will travel to Rengin in Istanbul, Turkey.  I'll point out just a few design decisions....  First I wanted to "echo" the linear feel of the tatted lace and chose to do that with the linear seam treatment upper left.  I deliberately left the right seam treatment very monochromatic so it didn't compete with either the lace or the linear seam treatment.
I tried to integrate the image with the block by having her hair and wing come out of the image patch and some of the floral motif encroach on the image patch seams...  I echoed the swirly parts of the hair with swirl in the floral motif.
I also love to use ribbons to create a "stage" for seam treatments...  Here in the before photo you can see I'm adding FOUR ribbons on the seams... one each of grosgrain, organza, acetate, and velvet.
Just adding an extra four shades of purple adds interest but you can also see how well the ribbons work with and enhance seam treatments.


Marilyn said...

You did Anette's fairy justice :). I'm sure she will love it.

margaret said...

a wonderful block lots to see and think of using in my crazy blocks

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful:) I love the fairy. Is it fussy cut from fabric?)

Mary Ann said...

Ah...I found the fairies on Etsy:)

grbev said...

Gerry, You are the CQ Master!

From Utah,

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