Motif cutouts and sweatshirt dog bed.

All the motifs are birds, critters, bugs and flowers in my garden and I wanted them to be in harmony with the size of the patches.  Motifs too large would overwhelm the piece and motifs too small would get lost...  Since I am doing these "off-piece"  I figured I couldn't go wrong using a 4" hoop.  I traced the 4" on my foundations and sketched a few motifs.  Just to double check
 I traced them onto paper, cut them out and tested them on the patches.

I know this is a repeat because those who follow know I use paper cutouts a lot to test for size and placement... I prepared 20 little foundations from cotton hankerchiefs backed with fusible knit tricot interfacing...    I may change my mind about using beads because I find I want to add them to every seam..... heard it said it is great to be flexible...  LOL

Also I had seen dog/cat beds made from XXL sweatshirt and since we could use a couple more I decided to try it...

I found a super large men's sweatshirt at the thrift store and it only took a couple seams.

Mine is not as neat and I just pinned the bottom hem so I could pull out the batting and wash the sweatshirt ...  Molly does not adjust easily to changes in her environment  so I put in a piece of her "blankie" folded neatly.  That was her  cue to completely rearrange it and she settled in.

Since I need an extra bed in the barn I will make another one and maybe one to take to travel...quick and easy


Marilyn said...

I just wish my body were as flexible as my mind. We're in thunderstorm season so I'm achy and today was the crazy quilt class so I did a lot of walking. I love the dog bed idea but I'd need one a whole lot bigger for Chevy.

margaret said...

you have some lovely motifs to add to this wonderful waistcoat and such preparation has certainly paid off. Dog bed looks comfortable, hope it is being used.

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