The minute I put this block on the screen and said it was done, I realized I hadn't attached the special button I painted for it.  Then I couldn't find the button... But found the button when I was looking for the butterfly charm bracelet I got at the thrift store last Wednesday.

Note button left center... I painted the flowers on the buttons to blend with the flowers in the trim...   Each block will have a special bird from our garden...

I've started to gather stuff for the February block which will be butterflies and lavender... You can see I found my 99cent butterfly charm bracelet...with pink wings no less.  I don't know about you but I'm always buying skeins of the variegated thread but when I  use them  the span between color change  is so great that you never get the lovely effect that it has in the skein. I'm going to use them on this project anyway...  I believe this block will have a button with swallows.  And I just adore the funky brass beads.. They are quite irregular and suit this theme so well... Have I mentioned how much I LOVE thrift stores? LOL

 I have been gone from home far too much....

And Sunday the Bohemian Waxwings migrated through on their way north... They only stay a day or two and sometimes I miss their visit.  They're usually my highlight of this time of year but after all the excitement over the owl and new birds last week, the waxwings were lesser news....still handsome birds though and glad we're on their route.


  1. That's a beautiful oriole button Gerry! How clever to paint its flowers to match the trim! It nestles in there almost seamlessly.
    Your February embellishments are enticing. I love the variegated threads, too, and this one looks promising.

  2. Absolutely wonderfu! I"m glad you found the button...it makes me happy to think that one of your special buttons is on the block. Are you planning to have one for each?

  3. Dear Gerry, as I wrote on your Flickr site it is a lovely block and it will become a lovely fabric book at the end of the year! It was long time ago that I have visited your blog and I hope that you have recovered from the surgery and your eye will be OK again.
    Take care my friend! Hugs.

  4. So lovely! The splash of peachy orange by the cottage print just sings!

  5. what a lovely button, so much talent, not just with the needle but also the paintbrush too. The butterfly looks like he will be very much at home on one of your blocks

  6. Wow, wow, wow!

    Can't wait for the lavender block. I used to have a giant patch of lavender and made lavender wands. It has all gradually died over the years. Boo hoo. But stitched lavender will last forever! Wish they had smelly threads - that would be extra nice for forever lavender!

    And, I know what you mean about variegated threads. I'm trying to get up the bravery to dye some of my own with shorter space in between colors.

    And in re thrift stores...I used to love them. Too many people here have discovered them and there is not much left to pick up anymore like in the old days for either sane or crazy quilting. Boo hoo again.

  7. I think you might have mentioned a time or two that you love thrift shops (grin). I'm with you on that one. And I love that you are putting a bird button on each block. Then one can wander through your cottage gardens and hear bird song. I hope there is a bench hidden in the garden somewhere. I am still trying to find just the right project for the frog and iris buttons that I bought from you. The iris will probably be easier than the frog because he's my favourite and I want to have exactly the right place for him. Lately the idea of some sort of soutache pin has been flitting through my head but nothing has taken root yet. Although I have never seen a Bohemian Waxwing other than in pictures, I think they are a really elegant bird. Lucky you.

  8. I love your CQ blocks! What a eautiful quilt it will be!
    I am starting on a simpler project...I will let you know how it goes.


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