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I'm staying within a very limited color range on my suffragette quilt and none of the colors are very cheery or suitable for floral sprays..  I do want to use some floral sprays on some of the black patches so these Victorian mourning and touring hats are my inspiration..

It so happens where I'm going for spinal therapy is just across the street from my favorite thrift store and I just can't resist a quick stop...  As  luck would have it on Monday I found a black organza blouse with rhinestone buttons, a black crushed-velvet top and some black satin lounging pants...and it was President's Day so everything was 50% off..  I cut them into 2" strips and I'm busy making organza and velvet roses and satin leaves.  I know it will be impossible to photograph black on black but I'll try when I get them sewn on.


  1. You always seem to make a good score when you go thrifting. I can hardly wait to see your black flowers. Those hats are gorgeous although I'm not a hat person....one of my least favourite memories is the new Easter hat I got every year....the one with the elastic under the chin. Put me off hats forever.

  2. such elaborate hats they used to wear, your thrift buys were a very lucky find

  3. Love those hats. Can't wait to see your flowers. How about a little how-to post while you're working on them?


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