Something for my dotage!!!

The Morris blocks are perfect to carry around because they don't soil easily and they're relatively simple in design... BUT I'm always asked if they're going to be a quilt and when I say they're going to be a fabric book people just don't grasp the concept...  And if they do, they assume it's for a grandchild and then they are perplexed when I say it's for me to take when I go to a nursing home...  I lose them altogether at that point or they think I intend to read it to nursing home patients.  So I have a little card now  ...  and the text reads... 

"Without a doubt I’m approaching my dotage... the dreary decline to decrepitude and dementia.   I might even be deposited in a desolate domicile where I'll sit depressed and drool...

But if that’s my future, thankfully I shall have my book of Morris full of happy thoughts and memories.  And if I can't read it, someone can read it to me....".

On Dec. 23 last year I signed up for the QCJP and posted a tentative plan and at that time I thought I would attach the pages back to back in an accordion fold with a pocket in each for a narrative... Now that the end is in sight I'm thinking I will attach them with a spine and have one pocket on the last page for all the narratives.

At that time I immediately could think of enough themes for a dozen blocks and several left over...  Now that I'm down to the last 3 blocks I had to choose between six fun themes  left...  So I thought maybe I would carry over into next year with 3 more pages...  But right now I'm in no round robins, winter is coming, and there was no law which said I had to only do one block a month..  So for the next three months I'm doing two blocks a month so I can use them all AND finish at the end of the year.. One page I especially didn't want to leave out was "Morris and the Skunk Trap"  Then I can begin the new year getting back on track with my suffrage quilt.


Marilyn said...

Its neat to hear someone else is working on something to take to the home. I'm working on a project now (for the next CQ are quilts too so I can't say what). I told my DIL that when they check me in, I want it to come with me. Assuming I ever get back to being able to stitch. I'm just getting over a big eye upset and now my stitching hand is a problem. I'm hoping its just from all the canning and that it will settle down now that I'm done....I really don't care if I ever see another green tomato although the Green Tomato Chocolate Cake is really, really good.

Shirlee Fassell said...

I think that its a splendid idea and I am going to start thinking about what I want to bring with me!! Thanks

Cathy K said...

Hmmm, your post has me thinking about my dotage as well. Can I come play with you in the same home?!?

Seriously, what a great use for the book, and we KNOW that it will eventually get passed on down the family line. Ever so much more interesting than a bunch of never-made-into-anything CQ blocks.


Susan Elliott said...

You look adorable in your fuzzy slippers with your Morris book. I have the nursing home on the brain these days. I volunteered in them as a young girl and built and staffed them as an adult. I'll make sure your walls are full of your beautiful needlework!!

Crystal S. said...

I just can't picture you in a nursing home just plopped and drooling.
Maybe plopped down somewhere teaching a bunch of women how to crazy quilt, telling stories and such. Telling cook how to cook good food and the groundskeeper how to prune lol.

You might need to add a second series to morris book with his field training adventures.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea...I need to make a plan too.
Debbie K

Linda said...

It makes perfect sense to me
Should you ever need it because you have become forgetful, it will remind you of some of the best times and best things.
Go for it, make as many pages as you can.

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