A little tweeking on "Crazily Cream" RR

As I mentioned in a previous post I am tired of working on black and white.  While not ready to take on a larger project I pulled an old (2008) RR  that I wanted to make a few changes...  I remember this RR well because I was spending 3 months with a cast on a broken leg.

We had a horrendous storm and DH was trying to get the truck out and was stuck...  I was pushing him and when it took traction he lunged away and I fell on the ice....leaving me on the ice with a badly broken leg...I had to crawl to the house.  The road had drifted over by the time he returned and he had to walk in.  We needed to be plowed out to get me  to the hospital..  Now when there is a big snow everyone chides him with "Don't run over your wife again."  I did a lot of stitching that winter....

I love this block but it has been on the shelf all that time so I want to get the changes made  before I add a border and do the finishing.  Repeating myself..."When a RR block comes home it is yours  and you should not feel guilty making changes that you feel are needed..". Likewise when you work on someone's block and send it off... let it go and don't fret if changes are made when it gets home.

Just a few things on this block... upper right the plastic heart was a harsh white.  I just used a little paint to soften and antique it.  Lower left  the flower basket had a very dark brown yarn woven into it.  It was easy to remove... Now the harder part... the brown bead trail upper center... I had planned to just remove it but the trail had been marked in pencil on the fabric so I will have to cover it with a "cream" bead trail... Bead trails and sequin flowers were the CQ rage that winter.. I hope you look at this block closely as there are lots of ideas here... The diagonal seam across the center was done by Jo N. in NZ... This block is an excellent example of RR teamwork.

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Marilyn said...

As much as I love the energy and excitement of my creative phase ideas come fast and furious, I also love the quieter time of digging out wip's and finishing them up. I'm still having a lot of trouble with my eyes so I've been working on a sane quilt. Every year I make myself one Christmas decoration - usually on a much smaller scale than this one. It's a tumbling block lap quilt that looks like wrapped parcels. What was I thinking! I won't even make windmill blocks because too many points come together and here I am doing the tumbling blocks with many points and angle seams to piece. But I only have 2 rows left to put together and I'm going to love snuggling under it and watching Alaister Simm in A Christmas Carol.

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