Close but not quite!

I know that it doesn't look like I accomplished that much at the retreat but I did work on this block a lot... You can see compared to the photo before I left... I did the large leaves on felt and then appliqued them on...these were very time consuming.  I also did the outlining of the berries and added detail and gave my bird a beak.....plus some beading.  Now there are just the glass leaves, his feet and some fine details.

I'm anxious to give my little bird legs and feet now as I loved them on the Wm Morris bird.. I hope to have it done by Friday.  Of course I got a royal and loving welcome from Morris when I got home but also my chickens started laying eggs while I was gone.  My favorite food in all the world are eggs still warm from the nest... Since they are just starting the eggs are small and a little irregular but absolutely delicious just the same..


Susan Elliott said...

You crack me up. I was expecting you to say that you got a royal and loving welcome home from DH!!!! Glad you had a good time and I can see a lot of progress on your little thief. I've always wanted to have chickens so I could collect fresh eggs in the a.m....I also want to have bees...I think the bees are in my future but I'm not sure my city slicker neighbors would appreciate the chickens. Welcome home!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh, it's just beautiful! Thank you for the update on this. Love all the gold. ; )

Marilyn said...

Welcome back. Now I'll have more morning reading. You must have been away long enough that Morris had forgiven you for leaving. Don't you just love doggie welcomes :). The block is stupendous. The beak gives the bird so much more personality. I can hardly wait to see it all done. Your eggs look yummy. I think I might make myself some for breakfast although I'll have to use store-bought. Today is out new library's grand opening so I have to be there at 8 to help get stuff ready. After canning all week I'll be glad to come home after the opening is over and just sit....and hey, maybe I'll actually be able to stitch.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Looks to me like you did a lot!! The block is looking wonderful!
Love the strawberry in the back of the vine. Never had eggs straight from the chicken just out of the supermarket!! I Love eggs so I am sure I would love them more.

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