I do the dinner....he does the clean up..

DH (my party animal) is at it again...  This time I didn't have to negotiate because we'll have appetizers on the deck so he's been pulling weeds like crazy... Works for me...

Fifty years ago I started collecting Vernon Rose pottery by Metlox ... setting by setting, piece by piece... and ended up with a service for 12 and still love it... It's not dishwasher friendly so whenever used, it has to be washed by hand.  Both the pink salad plates and goblets are vintage French and I've had them for years.  The little crystal bowls were from New Zealand and I'll serve  chilled avocado soup in them...   I do love being able to use all the stuff I've gathered  on our travels the last 50 years.  We never bought souvenirs or touristy things... just one nice thing for the table each trip...  So setting the table for a nice dinner is a trip down memory lane.

The guests are old friends from when we belonged to a dinner group.  We were all like minded... we loved to cook and loved to use all the "good dishes."  So when we get together with them we DO dinner...

Prosciutto & Gruyere Pinwheels
Sauteed Baby Scallops
Melon Balls

Soup:  Chilled Avocado Soup garnished with green pumpkin seeds and roasted sweet peppers.
Salad:  Mango, Cucumbers and Spring Greens (new recipe from last weekend's paper)

Main Course:  Baked halibut (new recipe from allrecipes.com) served over creamy shrimp risotto (old recipe) and   Roasted Asparagus

Dessert:  Fresh Peach and Blueberry Tart.  (an old recipe from DH's aunt... fruit is arranged over a sour cream filling.  A real showstopper)

DH is in charge of all the wines and ALL the clean up...


MosaicMagpie said...

A group of my friends just started a Dinner Group. Next month is my turn to host. This post came at the perfect time!

Judy said...

I would LOVE to have been a guest at your lovely table.

Anonymous said...

You set such a beautiful table and the menu sounds wonderful. Jane

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