A girl and her doll

What a lovely way to start the day...  Hideko posted her work on the girl with a doll she chose... and it is so endearing... Although I only sent out six in this RR, I ended up with 18 of these images and will send them out in other RRs until I have enough for an album.

I wanted "girly" and sweet and Hideko definitely captured the feeling of the period of this painting... Look closely at the bottom and you see she has created an entire country scene with manor house and all.  With all the special touches now the block itself has a story.

She has posted about what the painting reminded her of as a child and it is very touching.  To hear her tell it you can go to her blog.  I could do all these blocks myself but they would all look like MY work, my voice.. It will be so much more special for each block to have another "voice."

Thank you so much Hideko...  I shall treasure it.


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Gerry, I am so happy you love my work for you!! Hideko

black bear cabin said...

its wonderful! i love it :)

Wilma said...

I can imagine that you will treasure this CQ block Gerry.
Just beautiful!

Plays with Needles said...

I can see why you would love to hear the stories your Round Robin mates tell on your blocks I enjoyed Hideko's very much.

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