Raggedy Ann Ornament

Elements needed:

1 plain button (I used 1")
Felt - square with circle on top
2 pieces of  black cording with knots (for legs and feet)
red yarn or thread
rectangle of tiny calico with lace
tubing of calico
1 loving heart

Step 1:
SAND button lightly!!!
Use pens to do face
glue face to circle

Step 2:
Trim legs to fit and attach to rectangle
Sew on yarn for hair

Step 3
Trim dress material to desired length and gather at top
Pull gather and tie around neck

Step 4: Glue or tack calico tubing to center of back.

Glue hanger to back of head
Gather tubing around front and trim to desired length.
Tack together so arms form a pocket
Insert and glue very loving heart!!!
All the dimensions are dependent on what size button you use so adjust accordingly....

Merry Xmas from Gerry and Fritz and all the sheep!


Rose Anne B said...

OMGG she is CUTE!!! AND I just LOVE your blocks PERIOD!!! Great job!!! Thanks for sharing Gerry!

Andrea said...

Oh Rose Anne thank you for the instruction of Raggedy Ann she is lovely and looks so easy to make I am going to have a go at making her.


Nicki Lee said...

OMG! Just tooooo cute! Thank you for the little tutorial - I am going to have to make a few of these. Your CQ block is beautiful!!!

gocrazywithme said...

Gerry, she is so cute! I wasn't a big fan of Raggedy Ann when I was a girl, but this one might bring me over to her side.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Gery,
Thanks very much for sharing, she is so cute.
Rengin, in Istanbul

Christy Grant said...

What a clever idea. So different from most button ornaments I've seen. Great job!

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