Following a lead

Cheryl wanted nothing cutesy and opted for glitz and encrusted which is easy for me. I love following a stitcher who gives me inspiration and this Xmas DYB round robin I'm following Maire. On Cheryl's block Maire placed her main motif, a wreath, off-center in the corner. So I used the circle shape and also placed my main motif off center to follow Maire's lead. Repeating shapes and elements give a continuity to the blocks which I like.


Cheryl said...

Both of you did some wonderful and creative work. I really love that beautiful wreath Gerry, and you are right...repetition helps harmonize designs a lot, so I am happy with the continuity of the blocks as well as the creativity. Thanks!

Love Bears All Things said...

Wow that is beautiful. I like the embroidered Holly.
Mama Bear

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