I really need of guide book to getting old

I really need some kind of guide book to getting old.  I knew  when you got old you had to worry about arthritis, diminished vision ,. and hearing loss.     I even knew that your hair would get thinner, your nose would get longer, and your ears would get bigger.  I remember hearing the phrase "long in the tooth" referring to the elderly because your gums recede but I never heard about your teeth actually shifting when you get old.. 

 I was noticing that I had more and more trouble cleaning between my bottom front teeth and when I look closely I can see it they had all  shifted and were overlapping. It look like the mouth of a teenager before they get their braces. I couldn't believe my eyes so I got on internet and   of course Google had the answer.  As you age your lower jaw grows forward and becomes more narrow consequently your teeth are all shoved together . What a bummer and what next?  Especially depressing because along with shapely ankles, straight even teeth were among my limited number of assets.

NOTE: Sue commented that she is never heard of rugelach made with fig butter.  I have to confess I've never heard of it either but the recipe called for apricot preserves and not having apricot preserves fig butter  was obviously the next option. I did part of the batch with cinnamon sugar and nuts I did the other batch with cinnamon sugar and a little  shaved chocolate/ This is not sweet at all and it is more like a shortbread. The other day on the British baking show they made Babka which is a yeast dough with chocolate and nuts....next on the cookery list. 

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Bobbie said...

Happy New Year! My day is made when I read one of your blogs. You teach, make me laugh and give me something to look forward to in this day of COVID. Thanks, Bobbie

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