The Winner and the menu

I'm happy to announce that the winner of the little book of Norse children's tales is Connie Kalina. Send me your mailing address and I will post it to you directly and I can rest assured that some one else has the responsibility of caring for this treasure...

The table last night  was a success and the menu was:
Foie gras, asst. Cheeses and Grapes
Broccoli Salad
Rockfish with a Tapenade Sauce
Corn-studded baked Polenta
Spaghetti Squash and Swiss Chard Medley
Lemon Gelato and Banana Bread
 The event yielded   a couple of surprises.  First the label on that thrift store  $2.50 table cloth (which was very large....102") was Cynthia Rowley which it turns out is a well-known linens designer and her paisley tablecloths that size sell for $70+. So it makes the find even more whimsical.

The second surprise was the last minute find of a new recipe which is fantastic, beautiful and a definite repeater.... Spaghetti squash and Swiss Chard  It was especially nice as I harvested two laundry baskets of spaghetti squash from the garden yesterday..  It was so colorful and so tasty...


Shirlee Fassell said...

Great tablecloth find! Looks wonderful. Your menu is divine! Where did you get the spagetti squash recipe love to try it!

Marilyn said...

A beautiful table and the menu sounds scrumptious.

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