Lace Garment Construction

I did cut out all parts in freezer paper and how have an approximate idea of where I want to use what laces and how.  This will be the back.  I like using the square piece as I like the straight edges.  I wasn't liking  the look of too many round doilies overlapping.  So far nothing is stitched or even pinned but I hope to get started today....and where to start????

This is one section of the front with a rough layout.  I am not only trying to contrast designs but texture as well..

On the sleeve I want to use mostly very wide lace edgings because I have so many of those and they were too heavy for CQ work.. The biggest problem is when I get an idea where I want to use a piece and it doesn't fit.. Hard to let go and change directions... No matter how hard I try....if it doesn't fit, it will never fit.

And as I am working I keep thinking about alternatives to the cotton tulle as a ground.  Poked around in the barn this morning and found two possibilities.  The top is from an old wedding dress but is sturdy enough and subtle enough that it might work.  The bottom is from a lace curtain and I have used it often as a ground when making lace journal covers and it worked beautifully.   I have a established route when hitting a thrift store..... office supplies, dishes, aprons, linens, lamps, clothing etc.  but now I'm going to add curtains to the list because I think I will be making more things from recycled lace.

I posted a thing on Facebook the other day on the benefit of walking in the woods and Morris and I are trying to do it as often as possible as long as the weather is so nice.  Even though he was just there the day before, he still has to smell every blade of grass.  I love to remember planting these trees in 1995 and they were only 6" seedlings (all 5247).  I remember how excited I was at each milestone...when they reached my knees, were taller than me, the first pine cone etc.

This year has broken all records for the amount of rain.. Ordinarily this time of year the pine needles crunch under my step but this year they are soft and spongy and mushrooms are everywhere.

My recent bone scan showed more thinning of the bone in my hips and spine so I'm amping up my walking and saw that dancing is a great weight bearing exercise... so I have been putting honky tonk radio on Pandora and dancing all over the house.  I have to put Morris outside as he finds the sight of me dancing very stressful and barks nonstop...


margaret said...

this is going to be such a beautiful make and the following of it so good too. Having a chuckle wondering if you are dancing around the kitchen as I write this

Marilyn said...

Obviously by dancing you are not conforming to Morris' idea of proper decorum. Wonder what he would do if you danced through the woods on your walk (grin). Can you imagine how many hours will have gone into your vest when you get it done - all the time spent crocheting the doilies and edgings and your work putting it together. Gives me goosebumps to think of all the love that will go into it.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Perhaps Morris isn't stressed at all and really just wants to dance too! You definitely have an enviable lace collection and how nice it is to put it to use in something rather than have it languishing in your stash.

FredaB said...

Gerry what are you doing to poor Morris. I had to laugh at you dancing around the house.


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