New potting area and the alliums win!!!

Remember this beloved potting center that was collapsing and I disassembled.?  It was nice to have a spot for all my gardening needs but as you see it had long outlived it usefulness.

Today I finished replacing it with some old fencing, an old head board and lots of lath.  No potting bench but I did hide this picnic bench along the back and it will have to serve as a station to store or fill pots and keep hand tools.  I planted a species clematis with blue bells  on the inside to grow up into the headboard...  Cost $0
When I abandoned the larger garden and let it go wild, I promised myself I would be disciplined and limit myself to this area for flowers and I have been quite good.  Except for the peony garden in back and the small area by my little porch.... I have kept to this.  It is about 15' x 30' and is all perennials so it is never all in bloom.  The daffodils and brunnera and hellebores have just finished and the peonies, sweet Cecily, alliums,  and doronicum are starting.   The alliums used to be inside the stone wall but insisted on seeding on the outside.  I used to dig them up and move them back inside but they only thrived outside the wall.  They win!!!
The tall fenced area you see in the background is my tiny veggie garden and the fence keeps the deer and rabbits out.  It won't be long until we have peas and beans.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Your flower garden (and new potting area) are beautiful! I have no green thumb, so I fully appreciate it in others. Thanks for sharing.

margaret said...

you have certainly made a nice area out of a bit of an eyesore! Love alliums mine have not appeared yet but it feels more like march than may here it is so so cold and wet!

Marilyn said...

The bench area looks great and will be even better once the clematis grow up around the headboard. I think you are the ultimate up-cycler :).

Susan Elliott said...

Love the bench; love the clematis; and love the alliums that refuse to be contained!! Just like you, my dear.

I'm sad that I'm not gardening this year. Three weeks on the floor but I go to therapy today and I'm beginning to be moving with less pain so I know I'm on the mend.

I think my turn around happened when I finally beat you at Scrabble! (of course, it was only by two points but still a win!)

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