In the pink!

At the beginning of a RR I always watch the sets of blocks as they go out in the mail... Occasionally I see one that I just love for some reason and I immediately look to see where I am in the rotation.... I loved this pink fan of Connie's but I was next to last in the rotation so most likely it would be picked by someone else.... BUT it arrived unadorned and  it's mine, mine, mine.

It is running behind so I'm dropping everything to try to catch it up...  I want the palest of colors on this fan.... It's amazing I can have so many threads and not the right shades but I finally found the perfect combo and I dyed some silk ribbon this morning...  I have not even looked at the other blocks because I knew the minute I saw it what I wanted to do with it....  along with a big, big hug for Connie.


Marilyn said...

Its nice that you got the block you wanted to work on. And yes, no matter how many colours one has, the exact one just seems to be missing. We are finally having a little bit of warm weather although we had frost a couple of mornings ago. Today I'm trying to make order in one corner of my sewing room and tomorrow I am going to make soap since I'm down to my last bar.

margaret said...

wonder what your plans are, please share a photo when you have finished stitching it

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