Hanky center progress

This is how far I am on the centerpiece for hanky quilt.  My husband's plane was delayed last night and I spent three hours waiting in the baggage area.  Luckily the light was good and I had my stitching.

I had originally planned to do this on a damask napkin but the texture was all wrong so I used a high quality men's handkerchief.. With last night plus the sitting during the transition of mother's move back to assisted living, I'll pretty much be able to finish the center... Nothing passes long hours for me like stitching.

The birds are just paper cutouts to help with placement of flowers.

Not only did I have a lot of hankies with red roses and hearts (on the left), I had a lot with blue and pinks to mix in with the rest.

This was my inspiration.  I did this for our marriage in 1976.  The reflection of the glass makes the color weird.

And it is all going on here!


Marlynne said...

I always carry some kind of hand work with me too! It's going to be beautiful as always!

margaret said...

very pretty and the wedding sampler is delightful

Mosaic Magpie said...

The stitcher's motto....Be Prepared, Keep Your Needlework In Your Purse!

Marilyn said...

Wow, you are making progress. You're lucky the plane was only 3 hours late - with the weather up here and down there lately you could still be sitting at the airport. I'm anxious to see the center with your stitched birds. I am actually able to stitch again. Of course I overdid it and my hands are very sore but it sure feels good...well, except for the hands

Lisa said...

Looking forward to watching the progress on this one! Love the bluebirds and can imagine what fun you'll have embroidering more to add to this!

All the beaded fans are gorgeous too. Looking forward to seeing the Suffragette quilt finish!

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