Converting button to brooch or pendant.

With a touch of glue or maybe a bead or two it is now simple to convert one of my hand painted buttons into either a lovely brooch or pendant... So often when I am somewhere selling my buttons people want to know how to convert them to jewelry. When I explain how to bead around them it's not what they wanted to hear... Now I have an alternative.

This bezel is metal with an antique bronze finish. It has a definite Victorian flair and would be equally spectacular as a brooch or pendnat. It also has spaces to add seed beads or jewels. This bezel (size A) accepts the 1 1/16" button and the 1 1/8" button. The overall size is approx. 2".

I offer 4 different styles of bezels (settings).   The buttons I paint are 1" to 1 1/8". (25mm to 30mm) I only offer one bezel that fits the 1" or 25mm buttons but the others accept all the rest of the buttons.. Each bezel has a ring to use as a pendant and also comes with a pin back included to convert to a brooch.

Now I have to get the precise size entered of all the buttons previously posted. 

But I think ALL the bezels look great with my hand painted buttons.  All these bezels are available on my Esty shop for only $1.60 each.


Lottie said...

Wow Gerry these look like vintage works of art - not only are your buttons beautiful, each one is absolutely transformed to a piece of jewellery worthy of an heirloom

Gosh - you have more talent in one of your little fingers than I can ever hope to have in my entire body - what a gift - one which I truly admire.


Marilyn said...

What a great idea Gerry. The bezels make a perfect setting for your buttons.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful combination those make.

Linda w said...

They do all look wonderful with your buttons. Hugs lin

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