A conundrum? Flora's block

Have you ever discovered you have been doing something forever and not sure why? This was the case when Flora's block arrived.  It seems that all 6" blocks arrive with a 6" image area and at least a 1" seam allowance....which makes it actually an 8" block...  Has this been just assumed or has it actually been been defined?  Flora's block is just a tad over 6" to begin with..

So when I turn it over to put my design on it and factor in a seam allowance, the actual image area has shrunk to about 4 1/2". Since Flora is a relatively new member, I'm wondering if there has ever been specifications written about the size of the image area on the 6" block and maybe there has and I've been doing it wrong...  A problem for Kerry to solve. 

It is easy to solve for Flora's block by reducing the size of my design but still something that should be addressed...  The design then was basted through to the front.  I ALWAYS baste in the seam allowance line to ensure that no beading or anything of any weight strays unintentionally into the seam allowance area.

When I am going to do a LOT of satin stitching I put these blocks on a small hoop. And I do mean a small hoop... I can handle up to about 6" but any hoop larger than that is too difficult with my bad arm.  But the edge has a little fraying and I'm nervous about stretching it. So I mount it on a piece of cotton sheeting... I just lay the block on an entire square and sew a double line around the block.

Then I turn it over and cut away the sheeting over the design area leaving a good allowance along the edge.  When I finish the block I will remove the sheeting before I send it along.

I'm sending out Kerry's block to Arlene in Australia today and I scanned it instead of photographing it and it does make a difference... The gold color shows much better and the color of the flower is true.  She asked for "antique" or "aged" soft color.  I basted around the image area which is actually 6" and there was a generous 1" seam allowance.

I used the same technique as above.  I attaching it to sheeting so it would fit into a small hoop and then cut away the sheeting when it was finished...


Momma Bear said...

hmm I was not sure/did not know. I assumed( and you know what that makes me!) so next time I will know better!
the flower looks scrumptious!

Flora in Bothell

Wendy said...

Hi Gerry, good point you have made. I always make an 8" block so I will have the full 6" to work with. When reading the info on DYB's that is how I interpret it to be. This would be great to have Kerry clarify for everyone.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Mmmmm... love seeing the colour of the flower, Gerry - it is perfect! Just what I had in mind!

So, this is a problem for Kerry, eh? The one about the size? Will do! I am heading off right now to amend the DYB guidelines to make them clearer!

Arlene White said...

Great explaination, I too add extra material around blocks so I can put them in a frame for easy working.

Will let you know when Kerry's blocks arrive, will have to start thinking what I'm gonna do...... maybe something Aussie for her.....

I'm sending your blocks onto Karen tomorrow.


Lorraine@creativedaily said...

So appreciate you bringing up this topic Gerry. Being a relative newbie I found this confusing myself. ie if a block is 12" does this mean the stitching area is 12" or 11" or? Excellent topic for Kerry to address and so thankful she is doing so as I'm about to venture into my first FFT! Cheers.

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